The username was derived from my quaint liking for the Poppy plant, flower and of Opium Poppy because of its beautiful, useful and addictive nature. “Chix” was added behind because I love BBQ chicken, but I couldn’t have a username “bbqchix”, “chix” short for chicken, so I incorporated these two words together. Eureka, Poppychix!

Me, I think on normal days, I’m plain Jane, indifferent, boring but odd. I’ve been classified as quirky by many, funny, unpredictable and lovable. I’m probably too multi-dimensional to be summed up in just a few words. So I’ll save myself the trouble. I’ve always loved writing, though I haven’t displayed quite a flair in it.

On the negative note, I deem myself as narcissistic, overly confident and may come across as arrogant. I may be overprotective of my loved ones, secretive, for the most part. Nonetheless, if you know me, I’m confident (again) that you will love me for who I am. I’m affectionate, loyal, truthful, peaceful and straightforward but never hurting too much.

Thanks for paying heed to my blog entries especially if you found them useful or interesting. I never succumb to negative feedback especially when I sense that they’re only out to bring me down – and not for the better of me. They will only be considered if they’re constructive and clever.

Good day.


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