Pardon My Language

Good evening,

I hope I don’t get penalized for the existence of this post but I’m really eager to make my point.

So… while surfing the net, as usual, digressing from assignments, I noticed that there’s a lot of people who spell ‘fuck’ as ‘fug’, ‘fcuk’ or ‘faq’. It is, for some idiots, their ‘Internet language’. In my opinion, spelling it another way would NOT make it less vulgar. What’s your problem? The pronunciation is the about the same, I don’t even know how ‘fcuk’ sounds like. ‘Faq’ probably sounds like ‘fact’ instead of ‘fuck’.

And for those that have not been shopping, FCUK stands for French Connection, a retailer for fashion clothing and accessories.

No, back to my point. I don’t get why some people are trying to act holy, fuck means fuck! If you spell it otherwise, than it just defeats the purpose. You either use it, or you don’t! ‘Cause it makes you sound like a wuss spelling it ‘fcuk’ instead of ‘fuck’.

I wouldn’t deny not using ‘fuck’ or ‘fucking’ in my personal life because I feel that with the help of the Internet, it has become so normal for people to use it in their sentences. I feel that it’s helped make our sentences more expressive. For example, picture this, someone saying, “I’m happy!” and another saying “I’m fucking happy!”, which of it sounds more convincing?

P.S. I didn’t mean to be crude and offensive. Come on, you can handle this!


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At times ugly, but pretty awesome and definitely beautiful for the most part. My online persona might not show it but I'd say I'm witty and nice, definitely easy to love! #NarcissisticAtItsBest

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